How Was Life Created? By Martina
Friday January 12th 2018, 7:34 am
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In year six  Chelsea we have been doing ‘HOW WAS LIFE CREATED’. Some people thought that the world was created from ‘THE BIG BANG’ but others thought it was the ‘CREATION STORY’. We are going to have a debate about wheather it was The Big  Bang or The Creation Story. In my opinion I believe in the creation story because,  how can a small little point creatd the world and man kind? I also believe in the Creation story becaus ein class someone said how can something be created from nothing, and they’re completely right but its just that how could the big bang be created from nothing? Plus anyone can say the big bang theory was true but to be honest no one can prove that it actually happened 13.7 BILLION YEARS AGO!


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