school coming back ideas from shylah in yr 6
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since our school is helping with dementia with should do a school campaign to help give motivation and to help with there everyday life and set up are own little club to help and every one can help if four from each class can come down to help with it. and we can stretch are learning if we do a open talk about it again to gain more people in the school to help.i now its a risk but look how many people that are out there with dementia that have no one to talk to.some don’t even no if they have children or not not nowing if its your birthday some wake up in the morning not nowing what day it is so lets help them feel comfortable make them know lark hall primary school cares we care.if any question please right in the comments down below.
by shylah in yr 6

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in the comments right some ideas you have so I can have you’re idea heard I will put you’re name down at the bottom to show that it was you’re idea. Also I will try and make them happen!!!!!!!!

   shylahb on 11.03.17 @ 3:51 pm    Reply

put some comments pls

   18shylahb on 11.06.17 @ 5:32 pm    Reply

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